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Giant Dongle 2019
Spring 2019 
Summer 2019 
Autumn 2019 
Winter 2019 
Giant Dongle 2018
Spring 2018 
Summer 2018 
Autumn 2018 
Winter 2018 
Giant Dongle 2017
Spring 2017 
Summer 2017 
Autumn 2017 
Winter 2017 
Giant Dongle 2016
Spring 2016 
Summer 2016 
Autumn 2016 
Winter 2016 
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Winter (4.0Mb)
Spring (1.8Mb)
Summer (2Mb)
Octoberfest (1.9Mb)
Winter 2014/15 (2Mb)
Spring (1.1Mb)
Summer (600Kb)
Octoberfest (2.8Mb)
Xmas 2013/Beerex 2014 (2Mb)
Beerex (721Kb)
Spring (741Kb)
Wykefest (1.2Mb)
Octoberfest (1.2Mb)
Winter (1.1Mb)
Beerex (687Kb)
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Wykefest (1.7Mb)
Octoberfest (987Kb)
Xmas (741Kb)
October (1.1Mb)
Christmas (520Kb)
Ale Shop 2002 (Historical copies)
Winter 02 (2.0Mb)
Spring 02 (1.0Mb)
Summer 02 (2.0Mb)