Annual General Meeting of West Dorset Branch of CAMRA

Held at
The Old Town Hall, High St, Weymouth
Tuesday 14th September 2004

1 Apologies for Absence

26 members attended the meeting. Apologies were received from: David Edwards, Kate Gocher, Dave & Steve Randall, Trevor Vacher-Dean, Neil Nick Holland, Alex Moran, Tony & Tessa Smith,

2 Minutes of last AGM

The minutes were accepted as an accurate account of proceedings.

3 Matters Arising
Regional Director stated that financial accounts should be sent to him two wseeks prior to meeting.

4 Election of Officers

The following officers were returned:
Richard Bates - Chairman
Tony Egerton - Secretary/Membership/Pubs Officer
Alex Bardswell - Campaigns/Press Officer /Cider Rep
Alastair Tillotson - Treasurer
Richard Gabe - Social Secretary
Peter Hammond - Tasting Panel Chairman
Allan Swannell - Committee
Frank Younghusband - Committee .
David Harris - Committee
Peter Smith - Sub-branch Chair (elected by Heart of Wessex sub branch)

5 Chairman's Report

Richard made the following points:

Beer Festivals

The Dorchester Beerex goes from strength to strength especially the Friday lunchtime session which is rapidly gaining popularity
We were assisting Round Table with their beer festival in Bridport (1st/2nd Oct). and likewise SIBA with the Weymouth Octoberfest.

Branch Meetings

The policy of holding meetings in a different venue each month was bringing more members out, but it was still the main body of active members usually involved. Average attendance at these meetings was nine. Overall the branch was in a healthy state but, like all branches, we need more active members


Richard expressed his eventual intention to take over the editorship of the newsletter and appealed for articles.

Tasting Panel

Following comments from some members of the lack of local beers at GBBF and especially CBOB, Richard expressed the importance in having a healthy local tasting panel. Marcus stated that last year there were 540 nominations for CBOB and therefore the input from tasting panels is of vital importance. Following much discussion Pete was given the backing of the meeting and appealed for more tasters. Marcus said he would arrange tasting panel training as required.

Richard concluded by thanking members of the committee for their support throughout the year, Jacky for arranging transport for the meeting and special thanks to Dave Harris for getting the website up and running. He also thanked Giles Emley and staff of the Boot for their hospitality and support.

6 Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer circulated his report for examination by the membership, which was accepted unanimously.

7 Wessex Region Report

As Branch Regional Representative, the Secretary appraised the meeting of current concerns within CAMRA and the Wessex Region.

For the first time in the Secretary's memory we have a BLO for each of the breweries in our branch area.

Congratulations to licensees Roy & Mel Warburton of the Shave Cross Inn which was voted Wessex Region Pub of the Year.

The branch hosted the August 2004 Regional meeting at this venue and glowing tributes on the hospitality had been received from delegates. We next host in 2006 when we will arrange something equally spectacular!

Currently CAMRA are campaigning for a change in the licensing laws, not just opening times but for other issues such as entertainment in pubs. On the horizon is a proposal to limit smoking in public places including public houses. A discussion document will be issued shortly.

The Secretary invited any member, especially branch committee members, to join him at any of the quarterly meetings throughout the region.

8 Sub-Branch Report

Nothing was received from Heart of Wessex. Apart from the initial funding the subbranch has been self-sufficient and is quite healthy.

9 Social Activities

In the past 12 months the branch has visited Moor and Stonehenge breweries together with the Poole Beer Festival and Maltings. Richard is planning visits to Otter and Branscombe next year. Visits to Cotleigh and Exe Valley were being considered but Richard stated that their charges were quite high and he asked for further suggestions from members.
The Secretary added that the Maltings trip next year is later than usual (23rd April) and would all those interested contact him before the New Year.

11 Any Other Business

The Secretary said that due to the direct debit scheme introduced by Head Office GBG sales to members from the branch had sharply declined in the past two years. As we do not wish to be left with unsold copies the branch will be reducing its order next year. Any member wishing to purchase their GBG from the Branch must ensure that the Secretary is aware of this.

It was requested that cider & perry were introduced as an agenda item next year.

Diary dates for next year
Dorchester Beerex 4th/5th February
Maltings23rd April
GBBF2nd - 6th August
Octoberfest6th - 8th October