2017 Beer List

Beer List – Beerex 2017

This is our list of beers for 2017

1AyrRabbie’s PorterScotland4.3The nose has roast coffee, gingerbread and chocolate. The palate is of currant fruit and molasses becoming creamier towards the long warming finish.
2BaaBaa Humbug Winter AleWales5.7Brewed stronger with a slightly sweeter spicier taste. Baa’s darkest beer is just right for those long winter nights.
3BarlowDark HorseDerbyshire4.2A dark bitter, brewed with English malts to give its dark colour and coffee aroma. English hopped.
4Bath AlesBath GemBristol4.1Pale brown best bitter with sweet fruit and malt flavours and a hint of caramel. Little aroma but a balanced taste with a short, bitter finish.
5BetteridgePrivate SectorHampshire4.2A full-flavoured amber coloured ale using traditional English hops to provide a fully satisfying English best bitter.
6BinghamsVanilla StoutBerkshire5.0Dark stout brewed using dark malts and infused with vanilla pods. Won gold in the CAMRA Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 2016 after winning gold in the Speciality Beer category.
7Black CatNine TailsEast Sussex4.9A winter warmer or perhaps ‘Old Ale’ that has proven to be so popular that it is brewed throughout the year. Full-flavoured dark beer from the generous crystal and chocolate malt with a bitter finish.
8Blue MonkeyHowlerNottinghamshire4.5A fruity dark beer with British and German malts generously hopped with German and American varieties to give a dark yet hoppy flavour and a lush lingering aroma!
9BossBlackWales5.0Give yourself to the dark side and allow yourself to be beckoned towards this velvety, silky stout seducer. This dark, devilish enticer has a rich, deep character that packs a chocolatey and nutty hit.
10BosunsTell No TalesWest Yorkshire3.8Traditional mild, smooth and dark with a complex blend of roasted malts.
11BradfordNorthern SoulWest Yorkshire3.8A deep golden ale made using the finest English hops. Balance is not too strong, not too sweet or dry. Caramel and malty goodness set against fresh hops with a smooth mouthfeel, creamy white head and a subtle bitter aftertaste.
12Bragdy Twt LolCymryd y PystWales4.4A seasonal rugby special beer, which translated literally means ‘Taking the Posts’ in English. Dark brown, smooth tasting with a very light dry hop finish.
13Brew Shack5 A Day IPADorset5.5A traditional English-style IPA with big resinous hoppy flavours and aroma.
14Brew Shack8 Grain PorterDorset5.0A sweet brown porter with a complex roasted malt flavour.
15BrewsmithAnvil AleGreater Manchester4.5Hoppy darker bitter with green bullet, chinook, challenger, calypso and galaxy hops.
16Cerne AbbasGurt Coconuts Rum StoutDorset7.6Festival strength milk stout. A gentle giant of a beer full of oaty goodness and rum coconut depth of character that makes this enchanting beer “the best beer Polly Gabe has ever had”.
17Cerne AbbasResponsiblyDorset3.2Please drink responsibly.
18ChadwicksCastle PaleCumbria4.2A pale, straw coloured beer with a citrusy taste and aroma from American hops and a pleasant dry finish.
19ChilternBodger’s Barley WineBuckinghamshire8.5A golden chestnut ale with citrus fruits, juicy malt and spicy hops. A unique style of beer with ‘hop wine’ overtones. Brewed in the style of a very strong IPA.
20Crossed AnchorsDark GlitchDevon3.7A session dark ale with cedar, honey and fruit flavours and a citrus hoppy hit.
21Dancing DuckDonald DuckDerbyshire4.2Heavily hopped with three varieties from New Zealand, this pale beer has a complex flavour with notes of tangerine, gooseberry, vanilla and lime.
22DerbyPenny’s PorterDerbyshire4.6A rich, very dark, robust brew with a fine hop balance.
23Dorset Brewing CompanyDorset KnobDorset3.9This light amber coloured medium bodied ale leaves a hint of fruit and vanilla on palate and a floral citrus aroma.
24Dorset Brewing CompanyDusk Til DawnDorset3.7American style IPA, with pronounced citrus flavours and a bold hoppy aroma.
25Dynamite ValleyOle SmokeyCornwall4.7Rich, smokey stout, with a hint of dried fruit. Packed full of flavour and mouthfeel.
26Eight ArchParabolicDorset4.5Award-winning pale ale brewed with U.S. hops to give fresh floral and grapefruit notes.
27Eight ArchSessionDorset3.8Crisp and easy drinking Session IPA. A simple malt base allows ever changing hop combinations to shine, backed up by a firm bitterness.
28ErrantTuskTyne and Wear5.2A very drinkable amber IPA using pale malt blended with citrus cascade hops and powerful chinnook to finish.
29ExmoorBeastSomerset6.6A full-bodied dark porter. Brewed with a mix of pale ale, chocolate and crystal malts, and hopped. Lush rich aromas of coffee, treacle, toffee, fruit and chocolate swirl above the glass with additional aromas on the palate of fruit cake and rum.
30FirebrickToon BroonTyne and Wear4.6A brown ale, deep amber in colour, carries a slight sweetness in its malt character and a nutty liquorice dimension too.
(31)Five PointsRailway PorterLondon4.8A porter with aromas of chocolate and coffee and hints of caramel, brewed with British East Kent goldings hops.
32G2Southern CrossKent4.8A premium beer with a tropical taste and delicious spicy undertone. A golden ale that leaves a big impression.
33George WrightMildMerseyside4.0George Wright’s very own dark, creamy mild.
34GhostPhantomWest Yorkshire5.3This shadowy IPA will give you goose bumps. One sip and its unmistakable taste made up of tempting malts, heaped with chewy, resinous hops will mysteriously appear on your taste buds from nowhere.
35Great WesternMoose RiverBristol5.0Golden in colour, first impressions are crisp grapefruit with undertones of caramel. The nose is a lemon-sweet mix that works well to entice another sip! A delicious full-bodied American Pale Ale.
36GreenmillOld GitCheshire4.2A refreshing golden ale with a fusion of American and Slovakian hops.
37Gyle 59Brads Coffee StoutDorset4.5A collaboration with Finca, a specialist coffee roaster and café in Dorchester. The beer was developed by our assistant brewer, Bradley. A gentle stout with a subtle and refreshing coffee aroma and taste.
38Gyle 59Tropical ThunderDorset3.7This session ale brewed in collaboration and using plants from the Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens to celebrate the gardens 250th anniversary has an unusual twist and a refreshing edge to the beer and a gentle warmth to the aftertaste.
39HammerpotMosaic PaleWest Sussex4.1Brewed with extra pale kilned English maris otter barley and American mosaic hops. The result is a crispy, hoppy, fruity pale ale with hints of lemon, peach, mango and pine.
40High WealdGreenstede Golden AleWest Sussex4.0A refreshing golden beer, combining British and American hop varieties.
41HopcraftMagnum ChaosWales4.8A mid-atlantic pale ale with a right old mix of hops you’d be right to expect some complexity from them but it’s also fairly well balanced and gives a decent malty undertone to mix with the bitter, spicy, fruity hop charge.
42HophurstCampfireGreater Manchester3.9A dark mild with a smoky malty taste that emits aromas of roasted coffee and chocolate. The quality malted barley gives it its velvety finish.
43Incredible Brewing CompanyRye BeerBristol5.2Pepper, biscuit, hoped, fresh, tropical fruit, lime.
44Isle of AvalonHay TosserSomerset4.6Brewed as a one-off for Ellis Ford, who was jointly responsible for selecting all the real ales for Dorchester Beerex, this tawny beer is more malty than happy.
45KentBrewers ReserveKent5.0A strong hop flavour of citrus and resin with a delicate malt background.
46KnopsCalifornia CommonScotland4.6Deep golden in colour. Initial malt sweetness balanced by bitterness, light toffee notes followed by a lingering secondary bitterness hit that is refreshing.
47LarkinsPaleKent4.2A full-flavoured Kentish-style pale ale, packed with hops grown on Larkins Farm and with not a hint of grapefruit!
48Lyme RegisMiller’s MildDorset3.6A dark brown traditional tasting mild with notes of vanilla and chocolate. Just like your dad liked to drink.
49Lyme RegisTempestDorset5.4A winter ale. Ruby in colour with a delicious, smooth and malty taste.
50Mad DogStouty McStoutFaceWales4.5A classic stout. Full-bodied and smooth with chocolate and roast flavours from the hefty six malt base.
51MadrigalSevered HandDevon4.1A velvety porter furnished with raw cacao nibs.
52MaltMissenden Pale AleBuckinghamshire3.6A light amber easy to drink session ale.
53ManningCave-manCheshire4.2An extremely well balanced bitter with a refreshing hop character. You’ll find some blackberry aromas from the brambling cross, and a lasting gentle bitterness.
54MarbleChocolate MarbleGreater Manchester5.5Using chocolate malt, this beer has a rich, coffee like aroma and a full luxuriant mouthfeel with flavours of mocha, raisin, dried fruit and chocolate.
55Market HarboroughPremium BrownLeicestershire5.1A modern brown ale with chocolate and caramel malt flavours. Hopped with American galena and cascade.
(56)MauldonsChristies Golden AleSuffolk3.9A light, golden and hoppy refreshing beer.
57MordueRadgie GadgieTyne and Wear4.8Premium strength northern ale balancing leafy hops, berry fruit and malt.
58NethergateOld GrowlerEssex5.0A complex, satisfying porter, smooth and distinctive. Roast malt and fruit feature on the palate and the finish is powerfully hoppy. A twice Overall Champion at the CAMRA Winter Beer Festival.
59NottinghamDreadnoughtNottinghamshire4.5A rich ruby coloured premium bitter with a well-rounded fullness of malt and deep strength of hop bitterness.
60Palmers200Dorset5.0A big beer with a touch of caramel sweetness adding to a complex hoppy fruity taste that last from the aroma well into the aftertaste.
61PalmersBestDorset4.2Hop aroma and bitterness stay in the background in this predominantly malty best bitter, with some fruit on the nose.
62PalmersCopperDorset3.7Beautifully balanced, copper-coloured light bitter with a hoppy aroma.
63PalmersDorset GoldDorset4.5More complex than many golden beers thanks to a pleasant banana and mango fruitiness on the aroma that carries on into the taste and aftertaste.
64PalmersTally Ho!Dorset5.5A dark old ale with a cult following. Roast malts and treacle toffee on the palate lead into a long lingering finish with more than a hint of coffee.
65PenzanceScilly StoutCornwall7.0A beer of incredible complexity with taste layers which change and develop as you work your way down the glass.
66PiddleBent CopperDorset4.8Full-bodied English strong bitter. Made from the finest dark crystal barley and English hops to create an arresting malty flavour with aromas of herbs and freshly cut grass.
67PiddleMad HareDorset4.7Bright gold in colour, hops are added every five minutes during the 90 minute boil making it wonderfully complex. Unusual but moreish.
68RammyNihon HanaGreater Manchester5.3Sorachi ace Hopped IPA, full-bodied and very hoppy.
69RamsgateNo.5Kent4.4The aroma is toffee malt and fresh green hops with a full body and lingering bitter finish.
70RowtonMoonstruck MildShropshire3.3A traditional dark mild.
71Shiny BreweryAffinityDerbyshire4.6Strong Golden Bitter with lots and lots of fruity citra hops. Took Gold for SIBA National Champion Beer (Strong Bitters).
72Sixpenny6d BlackDorset4.4A honey porter rich and full-flavoured, brewed with chocolate and brown malt, smooth, dark and delicious.
73SixpennyIPADorset5.2A superb example of an IPA. Strong and full of citrus flavours. A regular favourite and award winning ale.
74Small PaulsDave’s Arabica StoutDorset5.2A coffee oatmeal stout using chocolate malt, roasted barley and rolled oats with some “coffee”. A slightly sweet taste brewed especially for the bar manager, Dave Harris.
75Small PaulsWinter NogginDorset5.5An amber, fruity and strong bitter. Plenty of malt flavours and medium bitterness.
76St AustellProper JobCornwall4.5Floral aromatic hops greet the nose and persist in the mouth, but are mellowed by a sweet well-rounded and full-bodied palate that disappear in a bittersweet aftertaste.
77St IvesBrewhouse BelgianCornwall7.3Strong belgian style wheat beer. Cloudy with a zesty tone and dry hopped finish.
78Surfing MonkeyHang Ten TamarinWales4.0An amber coloured session ale, malty but ending with delightful linger of fruit, spice and bitterness.
79TannersBox O’ FrogsSomerset4.0Hop-rich American-style pale ale. Flowery spicy notes and a hint of grapefruit with rich bitterness compensated with a pleasant maltiness.
80Totally BrewedPunch In The FaceNottinghamshire4.8Amber in colour, fruity in flavour. Slap in the face’s big brother! Packed full of American hops that pack a wallop!
81Windswept1806Scotland5.0Pitch black, this classic Scottish stout is rich in coffee flavour with a good roasted barley finish.
82WishboneAbyssWest Yorkshire4.3Rich and dark where the malts do the talking with restrained hopping at session strength.
83WolfWolf AleNorfolk3.9Copper coloured ale with lots of bite! Goldings and challenger hops combined with locally grown malt make this a glorious full bodied brew.
84WorsthorneOld TroutLancashire4.5A red/brown ale – this beer is beautifully balanced, lightly bittered and very smooth to drink.
85Wriggle ValleyNight OwlDorset4.6A rich velvety porter, with massive flavours of molasses, liquorice and a hint of smoke with a fruity nose.
86Wriggle ValleyRyme NomadDorset4.2Best bitter with moderate bitterness and caramel.
87Yorkshire HeartMolly’s Chocolate StoutNorth Yorkshire7.0Dark stout and full-bodied with smooth chocolate flavours.
C1Burrow HillMedium DrySomerset6.0Made on a hill overlooking the orchards of the Somerset Levels.
C2Dorset NectarHunny BubbleDorset3.8Flavoured with west country honey.
C3Dorset NectarRaspberry KissDorset4.0Flavoured with Devon raspberries.
C4Dorset NectarTop O’ The HillDorset5.0Organic cider champion 2016.
C5Dorset StarDabinettDorset5.5A single variety apple, bursting with flavour.
C6Dorset StarFirst PressDorset5.5Dry with lots of mouthfeel.
C7Joe’s of PurbeckCheeky CherryDorset4.0Subtle cherry flavour.
C8Joe’s of PurbeckDevil’s LeafDorset6.0Infused with nettles.
C9Joe’s of PurbeckPosh SpiceDorset6.0Contains spices: cinnamon, allspice, star anise, cloves, for a winter warmer.
C10Lulworth SkipperDry CiderDorset6.5Matured in old wine barrels.
C11PalmersFirst PressDorset5.5A traditional still cider with a distinctive full flavour and refreshing bite.
C12Snails BankElderflower Gin & TonicHerefordshire4.0Subtle mixture of bitter and sweet.
C13Snails BankPig GingerHerefordshire4.0Flavoured with root ginger.
C14West MiltonMedium DryDorset6.0A blend of local apples.
P1NempnettPiglets PerrySomerset7.0A cloudy perry.
P2Newton CourtWinnals Longdon PearsHerefordshire5.3Award winning perry.

Beers/ciders are subject to change prior to the event.

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