2023 Beer List #2

Weymouth Octoberfest 2023 – Our beer and cider selections have now been completed.

This year all our beers are from Wales. 

Further details available in our beer programme!!

Beer list

1Big HandGridlock7.3%Burton Ale
2Big HandSeren3.7%Welsh Pale
3Big HandLost Abbey5.5%Coffee Stout
4BluestoneBedrock Blonde4.2%Blonde
6Bragdy Twt LolGlo In The Dark4.2%Dark Ale
7Bragdy Twt LolHorny Goat Ale4.5%Gold
8BrainsDark 3.5%Mild
10CoachPaul’s Pistachio Porter5.7%Porter
11CoachThe X24.8%Pale
12CoalshedFallout (unfined)6.5%NEIPA
13CoalshedHoney It’s Going Down4.3%Gold/Honey
14ConwyClogwyn Gold3.6%Gold
15ConwyHoney Fayre4.0%Golden Honey
16ConwyWelsh Pride4.2%Bitter
17Core of the PoodleHaverfordbest4.5%Best Bitter
18Core of the PoodleSeldom Sober4.0%Gold
19Cwrw IâlCRANK Little Illumination4.3%Elderflower Pale
20Cwrw IâlCRANK Young, Gifted & Welsh4.1%Dry Stout
22Facer’sMountain Mild 3.3%Mild
23Facer’sNorth Star Porter4.0%Porter
24FelinfoelDouble Dragon4.2%Bitter
25FelinfoelNut Brown4.3%Brown Ale
26GowerGower Gold4.5%Gold
27GowerGower Power5.5%ESB
28Gwaelod y Garth InnStrange Lights Over the Garth4.3%Pale
29Gwaun ValleyCwrw Melyn4.0%Blonde
30Gwaun ValleyTraditional Porter4.2%Porter
31Mabby Brewing Co.Citra4.0%Pale
32Mabby Brewing Co.Silver4.8%APA
33Magic DragonBorder Bitter3.8%Bitter
34Magic DragonHoppy Jester4.5%Gold
35Magic DragonBlackberry Porter4.5%Porter
36MumblesBock6.0%German Dark
37Otley05 Hop Angeles4.8%American Red
38Otley10 Oxymoron5.5%Black IPA
39SandstoneDark Chocolate Milk Stout5.0%Milk Stout
41SandstoneSandstone Edge3.8%Pale
42Tenby HarbwrProud Giltar4.9%Green Hopped Ale
43Tenby HarbwrSea Bass3.9%Pale
44TinworksCwrw Grav5.0%Bitter
45TinworksDafen IPA6.3%IPA
46Tiny RebelCwtch4.6%Red Ale
47Tiny RebelDough Boy4.6%Pale
48Tomos & LilfordTropic of Jones4.5%IPA
49Tomos & LilfordBaie Lekker5.2%Donut Brown
50TudorBlack Mountain4.0%Stout
51TudorBlack Rock5.6%Porter
52Vale Of GlamorganIn-Dai-Ana Jones and the Temple of Doom3.4%Pale
53Vale Of GlamorganBarrifornia Dreamin4.1%Pale
54Vale Of GlamorganThe Milk Cup4.5%Milk Stout
55Vale Of GlamorganJackson’s Black Oyster Shell 6.0%IPA
56Vale Of GlamorganOh! What’s Occuring3.8.%Pale
57Vale Of GlamorganJedi Order8.4%Imperial Stout
58Weird DadShort and Stout3.6%Stout
59Weird DadMangoes into a bar5.2%IPA
60Well Drawn Brewing Co.Pontcanna Pale4.6%Pale
61Zulu AlphaCaldi-Kolsch4.6%Lager
62Zulu AlphaEvolution5.2%APA

Cider list

ProducerRegionNameABVStyleTasting Notes
C1BorderlandMid WalesBee6.7%Sweetened with honey.
C2Borderland  Mid WalesBeauty6.1%Medium
C3Gethins  PembrokeshireMelys5.0%SweetCrisp and refreshing.
C4Gwynt y DraigPontypriddWelsh Warrior6.0%MediumPowerful and strong as the name suggests.
C5Gwynt y DraigPontypriddDabinett5.5%Medium Single variety.
C6Monnow ValleyAbergavennyRedneck Rascal5.5%MediumMade from classic apples with spicy tannins.
C7Pulp  MarchesPornstar Martini4.0%SweetPassionfruit punch packed with flavours of the cocktail.
C8PulpMarchesSloe Gin4.0%Medium SweetSloes give a plummy flavour to this crafty cider.
C9Pulp MarchesRhubarb & Strawberry4.0%Medium SweetRhubarb juice and crushed strawberries.
C10PulpMarchesMango Daquiri4.0%SweetA tropical twist on this cider.
C11Seidr o SirPowysCantref6.3%SweetSpicy juicy finish.
C12Seidr o SirPowysMaes Edwy6.3%Dry

Perry list

ProducerRegionNameABVStyleTasting Notes
P1DeeFlintPerry6.0%SweetA naturally hazy perry full of floral and pear flavour.
P2Monnow ValleyAbergavennyMonnow Magic5.7%PerryMedium sweet and pale.

Last updated: 11:30, 6 October 2023