The West Dorset Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale

2019 Beer List

Weymouth Octoberfest 2019 – Our beer and cider selections have now been completed.

This year all our beers are from Cornwall 

Further Details are in in our beer programme!!

St AustellTributeAmber Bitter4.2%
St AustellLunar LandingPale4.4%
St AustellMandarina BavariaGolden Ale4.5%
St AustellProper JobGolden Ale4.5%
St AustellHicksRuby Ale5.0%
St AustellBig JobGolden Ale7.2%
Ales Of ScillyMinnehaha [U]Pale4.8%
Ales Of ScillyNancy [U]Amber Bitter4.5%
AtlanticSea Salt Stout [U]Stout4.5%
AtlanticAzores [U]Copper Bitter4.2%
Black FlagNaughty Pilchard [U]Brown Bitter4.0%
Black FlagFang [U]Golden Ale4.5%
Blue AnchorMiddleBrown5%
Blue AnchorSpecialRuby Ale6.5%
CastleRestormel Gold [U]IPA4.1%
CastleMoat Mild [U]Mild4.4%
Cornish CrownHoney FuggleHoney4.5%
Cornish CrownS.P.AGolden Ale4.8%
Cornish CrownPorterPorter5.2%
Driftwood Forest Blonde [U]Blonde Ale4.3%
Driftwood Bolsters Blood [U]Porter5.0%
Dowr KammelDemelzaAmber Bitter4.1%
Dowr KammelDe Lank DynamitePorter5.1%
Dynamite ValleyKennal Vale PalePale4.3%
Dynamite ValleyBlack ChargeOatmeal Stout5.0%
Fire BrandNEIPA [U]IPA5.5%
Fire BrandImpy StoutStrong Ale9.5%
ForgeDiscoverySession Bitter3.8%
ForgeTamar SourceAmber Bitter4.6%
FoweyLostwithiel AmberAmber Bitter4.9%
HarbourDaymer ExtraPale3.8%
HarbourEllensbergAmber Bitter4.3%
KeltekEven KeelPale3.4%
KeltekBeheadedStrong Ale7.5%
KrowAnkoth [U]Bitter4.4%
KrowPorther [U]Porter5.2%
PadstowPadstow PalePale3.6%
PadstowWindjammerCopper Bitter4.3%
PenzanceTrinkGolden Ale5.2%
SkinnersSennenSession IPA3.8%
SkinnersCornish KnockerGolden Ale4.5%
Sharp’sDoom BarAmber Bitter4.0%
Sharp’sOriginalBrown Bitter4.4%
St IvesHarbourside Golden Ale3.8%
St IvesKnill by MouthAmber Bitter5.0%
TintagelExcaliburDark Ale5.8%
TreenSunbeamGolden Ale4.8%
TreenCloud CuckooRuby Ale5.9%
TremethickBrexit BitterBrown Bitter3.8%
Cranborne ChaseVintageMedium dry6.8%
GwatkinStrawberry Red DieselSweet 4.0%
GwatkinSqueal Pig PerryPale and refreshing4.5%
Ham HillEarly DropMedium6.0%
Ham HillBop DropMedium sweet5.5%
Harry’sPrince Harry’s GingerMedium sweet4.0%
Lulworth SkipperChilliMedium6.5%
Ross-on-WyeWhisky OakMedium dry7.0%
SeaCiderWhite PeachSweet4.0%
West MiltonPurple HazeMedium4.0%
West MiltonFlowery BottomMedium4.0%
WorleyRocky RoadMedium6.4%
NempnettPiglet’s Choice PerryMedium6.5%
Severn CiderPerryMedium dry5.8%
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