First Wykefest Food and Beer festival

A CAMRA team worked hard over the last few weeks to provide a bar at this new festival. On the day the weather was good, which was a great relief to all. As a result the festival was a great success, with lots of the public turning up. We sold over 90% of the beer, so the charities being supported by the festival should do well. 

New Food and Beer festival a great success!!

The Value House store in Wyke Regis planned a food and beer festival to help more people know about he store and its whereabouts at the exteme west of Weymouth and Wyke Regis. The festival was organised as an event in aid of Julia’s House charity and we were asked to help by running the festival real ale bar.

A large marquee was provided and this allowed our setting up and beer management to be done out of the worst of the weather in the days leading up to the festival.

The stillage went up on Tuesday afternoon and the beers arrived on Wednesday afternoon for racking. The team turned up and eventually we got all thirty one beers in place and had the usual fun of a few beer showers with the livelier ones!

Once all that was over it remained to check the beers through Thursday and Friday, set out the bar area and dress the stand with labels for barrels and information. The photo shows this almost finished..

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