Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2015 #6


Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Venue: Colliton Club

8pm 25th September 2015

  1. Members attending. A total of 24 members attended. Apologies for absence received from Simon House, Jacky & Andy Follett, Rich Bates, Jill Diggens & Lindsey Gillian
  2. Minutes of last AGM. The minutes of 2014 AGM were accepted as a true record.
  3. Matters Arising. There were no matters arising.
  4. Election of Officers. All current officers, with the exception of Jill Diggens, had expressed a wish to continue and the following were elected for a further term:

    Dave Harris – Chairman
    Tony Egerton – Secretary & Branch Contact
    Rich Gabe – Social Secretary
    Alastair Tillotson – Treasurer
    Andy Patterson – Membership Secretary
    *Michel Hooper – ImminsPress Officer
    Andy Redding – Pubs Officer
    Kylie Stroud – Committee
    *Elaine Milton – Committee
    Russell Ware – Committee

    *There were two committee members volunteering for the post of PR Officer – the incumbent, Michel Hooper-Immins and Elaine Milton. A vote was taken and Elaine was voted in.

    In addition the following non-committee officers were elected:

    Adrian Patterson – GBG Co-ordinator & NBSS Officer
    Alex Bardswell – Cider Representative
  5. Chairmans Report
    The following points were covered:
    • The branch continued this year to enjoy a high level of member involvement at festivals, Dongle production and distribution etc 
    • Membership is healthy, nearly doubling in 5 years 
    • The brewery scene in Dorset has seen more breweries starting up  
    • Our two main festivals continue to grow. There have been difficulties with lending out our stillage to other festivals due to insurance concerns from HQ. This has been addressed. 
    • Socially, Rich has organised many outings and our survey trips continue 
    • GBG selection is now less subjective due to more emphasis one beer scoring 
    • AVC listing of local pubs continues and a meeting with WD Planning Officer has been arranged 
      A full copy of Dave’s report is available on request to the Secretary or at the 2016 AGM
  6. Treasurers Report.  
    Alastair presented his annual financial statement. In précis, beerex costs had risen slightly and Octoberfest costs decreased slightly. In the last year we had managed to contribute £4000 to HQ. The report was accepted unanimously.
  7. Membership Report
    Andy reported that membership stands at 615. This is an increase of over 250 in five years. Both Octoberfest and Beerex prove to be very productive.
  8. Beer Scores & GBG Co-ordinators Report.
  9. Social Activities
    Rich gave a run down of activities throughout the year such as visits to Poole beer Festival, Maltings, Purbech pubs and his ‘Mystery Tour’! He described the introduction of CITA (CAMRA in the Area) meetings to Bridport and Lyme Regis and the beer scoring trip to Sherborne. 

    Due to work and family commitments, Rich is standing down as Bar Manager at the 2016 Beerex (but may be back in 2017!!!)

    A full copy of Rich’s report is available on request to the Secretary or at the 2016 AGM
  10. Cider Update 
    Alex reported that cider in he county was flourishing with two new producers this year.
  11. AOB  
    There being no further items, the meeting closed at 9.15pm