February 2023 notes

Wednesday 8 February 2022 at 20.00, Acorn Evershot

Present:- Bruce Mead, Simon House, Dave Harris (Y), Rich Gabe, John Parker, Michael Collard, Don Freestone, Steve Crimp, David Hewitt, Kevin Ryan, Diane Senior, Leslie Senior, Steve “Squeaker” Browne, Kelvin Nicholson, Alex Bardswell, Adrian Carey, Bernie Brindle and Chris Slade

  1. Apologies
    Tony Egerton, Adrian Paterson, Kylie Stroud, James Buckley, James Bennett and Alan Fowler
  1. Chairs Opening Remarks / Actions Arising

    Somerset ex Heart of Wessex Pubs
    While Tony Egerton has done a great job re-integrating the Dorset pubs, the Somerset branch have not really done much for their 30 pubs. We had been asked if West Dorset could help with some of the pubs near the border. The feeling of the meeting was that while we would try to do some beer scores, they should not come back under our remit as they are not in Dorset.
    Action: Tony to inform Hilary Bird that we are unable to take on any Somerset pubs, but will encourage members to submit beer scores, if they are in the area.

    Locale promotes beers in pubs within 30 miles of the brewery. Bruce said he felt it was something we should be promoting. A letter inviting pubs to take part would be distributed with the Giant Dongle. Replies would be co-ordinated, and further info sent to interested pubs with the subsequent Dongle edition.
    Action: Bruce and Kelvin will review stocks of existing publicity material.

    POTY Process
    Bernie Brindle gave the meeting some useful feedback about his experience as a judge for the Pub of the Year competition. This gave rise to a discussion around what works and what does not work on the POTY process. The meeting agreed that a new Beer Drinkers POTY (based on average beer scores) would be a good idea.
    Action: Bruce will liaise with Bernie to investigate how other Branches select their POTY and report back to the next meeting.
    Action: Rich Gabe said that he would produce an article for the Dongle about what makes a POTY.
  1. Beer Scores
    No Reports from Adrian this month as we have only just selected our Good Beer Guide Pubs. Normal service to be resumed from next month when we will have enough data for meaningful results.
  1. Publinkers
    No Update
  1. Branch Competitions
    The White Lion at Broadwindsor won West Dorset CAMRA Pub of the Year
    Cider POTY results are due in by 1 March
  1. Membership
    Since the last update there had been 9 new members and 6 lapsed members. The total now stands at 689. The numbers do not include recruitment at Beerex where there were 4local new joiners (and 3 from outside our area)
  1. Social Media
    The Social Media team have been successful in promoting Beerex.
    We are growing the number of people who like our page and will continue to promote what we do.
  1. Publicity and Social Events
    Social Secretary Rich Gabe was interviewed by Korean TV at Beerex.

    Forthcoming events are as follows:
    4 March – CITA event in Lyme Regis starting at the Rock Point
    22 April – Tuckers Maltings Beer Festival – a branch e-mail will be going out.
    20 May – Mystery Tour
    September – date to be confirmed of skittles match v East Dorset (probably in Dorchester)
    There also may be another Social with East Dorset in their patch (maybe Wareham?)
  1. Regional Meeting
    Please see attached report.
  1. Beerex 2003
    Alex Carey gave a report on a “fantastic” Beerex
    The Festival is in line ot make a profit of about £23k
    Dave Harris (Y) reported that Ullage was very low at 11%, but there would be a review of the style mix for next year, because some types were running out (for example Ullage of pale beers was 3%)
    Beer of the Festival was Cerne Abbas Mrs Vales Ale, Cerne beers also occupied the second and third places.
    Dave thanked all members who had volunteered to work
  1. Pub News
    Two new entries for the Pubs for Sale listings this month – Weatherbury, Weymouth (£525K) and Mitre, Sandford Orcas (£450K). Buffalo, Gillingham (Hall & Woodhouse) closed suddenly in January and has not re-opened but brewery have not listed the tenancy yet. Long standing GBG entry Spyway, Askerswell has new owners from February 11th
  1. AOB
    (a) West Dorset CAMRA Tasting Panel
    Alex Carey is looking to set up a West Dorset Group – Bruce will send out a message to all members

    (b) GBG Surveys for Dorchester
    The Publinker is unable to survey the Dorchester pubs who got in the GBG – Rich Gabe volunteered to do them

    (c) Beerex Cover Photo
    John Parker needed a photo of Beerex to go on the cover of the dongle (Post Meeting Note – Rich Gabe has given this to him)

Meeting Closed at 21.19

Next Meeting Thursday 9 March at the White Lion, Broadwindsor

We all agreed on all of the above nominations and wish for you to submit at this Saturday’s regional meeting.