March 2018 notes

Wednesday 14th, 8 pm – Shave Cross – Shave Cross Inn

Meeting Notes

  1. Attending: Chaired : Rich Gabe.
    Steve Crimp, Paul Ramsden ,Mike Budd, Chris Nolsworthy, John Parker, Steve Williams, Kylie Stroud, James Bennett, Russ Ware, Simon House, Bruce Mead, Graham Morey, Alan Fowler.
  2. Apologies: Dave Harris,( Chair) , Dave Harris, Kelvin Nicholson, Adrian Patterson ,James Buckley
  1. Beer Scores/ GBG
    An update on pubs was read out and the beer scoring stats sheets passed around and returned.
  2. Membership Status
    Kelvin emailed the committee the latest membership. Which now stands at 715 members.
  3. Regional Meeting at Wyke Smugglers 24th March 12.00 . James Bennett said he will attend representing the branch.
  4. Social Events (RG) CITA event in Bridport looks like several members will be attending
  5. Cider Pub Of The Year.
    Russ Ware brought to the meeting all the CAMRA criteria to run and judge CPOTY competition. He felt he could offer to coordinate this event as it ties in with Pub Of The Year and Garden Of The Year. He said he was impartial, would not himself be a judge and if there is a majority committee backing will take on the task.

    Rich Gabe saw the offer as positive and said “Alex Bardswell as Cider Rep must still present the award and can also be one of the judges if she is not administering the competition.”

    Russ Ware to email Dave Harris (Chair) and Alex Bardswell of his intentions.

    No one in the room objected to his suggestion.
  6. The Bottle Inn remains shut.
    Rich Gabe phoned the pub during the meeting and everyone heard the strange answer phone message. John Parker said he would investigate, here are his observations.

    “Called in to the Bottle this lunchtime.  All curtains pulled.  all locked up.  One first floor window latched slightly ajar.  Peered through crack in the curtain – didn’t look like there had been much activity of late.  Went around both sides and the back – the place is like a junkyard for barrels and other associated bar equipment.  Called out and knocked doors – nobody answered.  There were a couple of old cars neatly parked outside.”
  7. AOB
    • a) Weatherspoons beer festival got their beer lines crossed at the Royal Oak Dorchester according to Graham Morey.
    • b) Bruce Mead reported Brew House & Kitchen Dorchester having a taping Party on 22nd March at 19.00 for their Unite Exotic brewed for International Womans day
    • c) Lyme Regis brewery scaling down

NEXT MEETING Wednesday April 11th, Royal Oak, Weymouth Quay.

Next Meetings –
March Sat 17th 12 noon Branch Social (CITA) Bridport. Pursuit of Hoppiness then onto the Ropewalkers etc.
Regional Meeting at Wyke Smugglers 24th March 12.00.
April 11th Branch Meeting 8pm Weymouth; The Royal Oak

AGM Date fixed – Colliton Club Friday 21st September.