September 2021 notes

Wednesday 8th September 2021 8pm, New Inn, Stoke Abbot

Meeting Notes

  • Apologies.
    Dave Harris, Dave Harris (younger), Tony Egerton, Kelvin Nicholson, Chris Slade, James Bennett, Leslie & Diane  Senior, Adrian Patterson, John Parker, Simon House, Alan Fowler & Adrian Carey.
  • Chaired.
    Rich Gabe.
  • Present.
    Bruce Mead, Kylie Stroud, James Buckley & Alex Bardswell.
  • Beer Scores.
    Read out by Bruce Mead. Adrian to email DH report.
  • Asset of community value.
    Tony is confused by the new form and is contacting H.Q for assistance. New local planning officer has offered Tony assistance.
  • Membership
    635. 2 new members, lapsed 5.
  • Social Media.
    Bruce is regularly posting new things .
  • Beerex.
    The committee have met twice and propose to run the event providing CAMRA budget approval.
  • Wessex 50.
    The item that we spoke about longest. Please see previous email for nominees.  DH Note – see brief explanation and Rich’s summary below.
  • AOB.
    Rich Gabe planning to send email out to regulars who have attended socials over the last few years to see how they feel about future minibus trips and non-social distancing.

Details of Next Meeting are: 
October 13th 8pm Branch Meeting Volunteer, Lyme Regis.


Wednesday April 11th, Royal Oak, Weymouth Quay.

Wessex 50: To celebrate 50 years of the CAMRA Wessex Region, the has been a request for each branch to nominate Memorable or Iconic people or events over the period.

Following last nights thought provoking Wessex 50 discussions here are our branch nominations with sponsor and reason why in no order. We tried to cover all bases from volunteer level , breweries and individuals who have made their mark.

  • Trevor Bevins -Rich Gabe.  For bringing the concept of Dorchester Beerex to the branch and in recognition of the 30+ years of success raising awareness of real ale while also making a difference in the local community. He will probably feel quite humbled.
  • Dennis Holliday- Rich Gabe. The creator and brewer of Royal Oak & Thomas Hardy Ale at Eldridge Pope. Though sadly no longer with us I don’t see why past glories can’t be acknowledged.
  • Palmers Brewery-Rich Gabe. Palmers never stopped brewing cask ale even in the dark keg days and with over 225 years of heritage makes them now one of the oldest family brewers in Britain.
  • Tony Egerton-Alex Bardswell. Tony moved to Dorset in the early 90’s as a long standing CAMRA member and has since done a huge amount of background work where he receives little credit.
  • Nick Poole-Alex Bardswell. Founder of the Powerstock cider festival and champion of Dorset ciders.
  • Alex Bardswell-Bruce Mead.  Alex is one of if not the longest standing WD CAMRA members and has been constantly on the committee roles include Chair, Secretary & Cider Rep. She was also on the first ever Beerex committee .
  • Kevin Launder-All of us. Kevin was the first editor of the Giant Dongle and had a passion to bring the branch a magazine.

We all agreed on all of the above nominations and wish for you to submit at this Saturday’s regional meeting.