Branch Magazine

  • Giant’s Pint #1 new branch magazine out now!
    In This Issue
  • Giant Dongle #51 final issue!
    In this issue: Our Branch Magazine will return this Summer under a new title.
  • Giant Dongle – 50th Anniversary Issue!
    Giant Dongle: In The Beginning, Dorchester Beerex 2024, Brewery Spotlight – Eight Arch, Devenish Brewery of Weymouth, Cider Pub of the Year.
  • Giant Dongle issue 49
    Weymouth Octoberfest Returns, Yaki dar! Brewery Spotlight Palmers Brewery.
    Pub Crawls, Ale Trails & Half Marathons plus Latest News & Events.
  • Giant Dongle issue 48
    Brewery Spotlight Copper Street, Pub Crawls, Ale Trails & Half Marathons, Beer & Skittles, plus Latest News & Events.
  • Giant Dongle issue 47
    In this issue…
  • Giant Dongle issue 46
    In this issue; we celebrate Dave Harris’s 15 years as chairman of West Dorset CAMRA.
    Also in this issue; Dorchester Beerex 2023, Beer & Skittles, plus the latest news & events.
  • Giant Dongle – Issue 45!
    In the Autumn 2022 issue; Weymouth Octoberfest The Lost Pubs of Bridport Part three Never forget where you have come from ….
      Brewery Spotlight; Hattie Browns Beer and Skittles – Richard Boston  Dorchester Round Table & CAMRA 1988 BeerFest Beer sampling at Brygghallen (Breweryhall) Poole Beer Fest 2022 plus Latest News & Events
  • Giant Dongle Issue 44!
    Lots in this Summer Issue including: Dorchester Brewing & Distilling Celebration; A Cider Renaissance – A Follow Up; Brewery Spotlight #1.
    Piddle Brewery; Women’s Day Brewsters; A yomp to the local with Bruce Mead.
  • Giant Dongle Issue 43 hits the streets!
    The new Spring Issue contains: The White Lion, Broadwindsor; A Cider Renaissance?; The Lost Pubs of Bridport plus Latest News & What’s On.
  • We are pleased to resume publication of Giant Dongle
    After along sleep caused by the pandemic and pubs not being open normally, we are pleased to resume publication of Giant Dongle.
    The new Winter Issue contains: This is What I Missed; Dorset Cider Apple Project; 50 Years of CAMRA plus Latest News & What’s On.
  • Giant Dongle Spring Issue
    This issue contains: Lyme Regis: a flourishing beer scene; Australian pub caught up in the bush fires; Tryanuary in Southampton, Latest News & What’s On.
  • Giant Dongle Winter Issue
    This issue contains: Beerex 2020; Bermondsey Beer Mile; Community Hop Brew Day, Latest News & What’s On.
  • Giant Dongle Autumn Issue
    Autumn Issue contains: Your local needs YOU; Summer day trip to Devon; Chocolate Teapot, and lots more…… 
  • Giant Dongle Summer Issue
    Summer Issue contains: The Best in the South West; John Gregory refurbishment; Moving with the times, and lots more…… 
  • Giant Dongle Spring Issue
    Spring Issue contains: Every Town; A Voice from the Sticks; Wassailing and cider making and lots, lots more…… 
  • The Winter Issue of Giant Dongle is out
    Featuring: Sizzling, Scorching Summer Summary; Copper Street Brewery; A Modest Brewery with Giant Integrity; Battlefields and Breweries and more…… 
  • Our new edition of Giant Dongle is out
    Featuring: A Dog’s Tale; Pilot Boat re-launch; A crafty trip to Bath; Pub News and many other items… 
  • Our 34th edition of Giant Dongle is out
    Featuring: Gaggle of Geese visit report; Beer & Skittles (old & new); Maltings trip; And many other items… 
  • Introducing our 33rd edition of Giant Dongle!
    Featuring: Pub of the Year 2018; Updates from the West; Cyprus Beer Quest.
    Lots of other good reads as well.
  • Giant Dongle Issue 32!
    Featuring: Beerex 2018; Beer Scoring in Deepest Dorset; The Real Ale Train.
     Have a look – there’s plenty more inside.
  • Giant Dongle Issue 31!
    Weymouth Octoberfest 2017; Mystery Tour; Pub Garden of The Year.
      Lots of good articles and other items for you to enjoy.
  • Giant Dongle Issue 30!
    New Dorchester Pub Guide; International Womens Day; Broadchrurch to Bridport; Latest News & What’s On.
  • Giant Dongle Issue 29!
    Featuring CAMRA’s upcoming AGM in Bournemouth in April, this issue has many other intriguing articles:  Pub of the Year 2017; Can I rekindle my passion for the pub in 2017?; Pub Walks; among them.
  • Giant Dongle Issue 28 – 32 great pages!
    Articles by 12 different contributors in this issue.
      Contents include “Buses, Trains, & the IOW”‘; “Table Skittles” and a London pub crawl.
  • Giant Dongle Issue 27 – A great 28 page read!
    Thanks to our advertisers and contributors which make it possible.
      Inside includes “Welcome to the Park”, Roundhouse and Rams, notes on a Mystery Tour and more Beer and Skittles.
  • Giant Dongle Issue 26 – Our first 32 page issue!
    Support from our advertisers and contributors continue to be strong so we look forward to another bumper issue.
    Lots to read inside including more on Dorchester’s Lost Pubs, Desert Island Beers, The Brewers Apprentice.
  • Giant Dongle Issue 25 – Now in COLOUR!
    As giant Dongle Issue 25 hits the streets we are proud to be able to publish our first full colour version.
      Lots to read inside including historic pubs of Dorchester, a Mystery Tour report, recent trip to Bristol and tons more packing 28 pages.
  • Giant Dongle Winter Edition 2015 is here! 
    Plenty more for you to read: More from our PubLinkers; Rich’s Desert Island Beers; Beerex is on the horizon; Greetings from the West…  
  • Our Autumn Edition 2015! 
    The 23rd issue of our Newsletter is published.
    Learn what our PubLinkers do; Desert Island Beers; Beer Calorie Labelling.
    Lots to read!
  • Our Summer Edition 2015!
    Our 22nd Giant Dongle with reports on Branch Trip to Maltings festival, Wassailing in Dorset and our trip to the “Far East”.
      Also news of the launch of a new beer and the Clock House Chideock festival.
    Lots to enjoy!
  • Spring 2015 – Issue 21 already!
    Our 21st Giant Dongle with news of our Pub Of The Year award.
     News from Dorchester Beerex festival and plenty of other articles and items.
  • Winter 2014/15 issue of Giant Dongle!
    Our 20th issue is published, just in time for the Festive Season.
     Information about February’s Beerex festival and lots of features and articles.
  • Octoberfest 2014 issue of Giant Dongle!
    Our 19th issue is published, just in time for next weeks Beer Festival.
     Lots of features and articles.
  • Summer issue of Giant Dongle!
    Our 18th issue of is published, packed with articles.
    It’s a great 20 pages.
  • Spring issue of Giant Dongle!
    The 17th issue of our Newsletter is published.
     A “Treasure Hunt” type competition included this time along the no 31 bus route.
    Lots more including news about brewing in the west of the county and articles about the Bottle Inn.
  • Christmas and Beerex issue of Giant Dongle!
    Issue 16 of our award-winning Branch Newsletter hits the streets in time for Xmas.
     For this issue the cover pages are produced on pastel blue paper.
    The on-line version stays on a white background for best on-screen legibility.
    This issue contains another prize crossword and, of course, much more.
  • In the Pink for Octoberfest! 
    New editors help with Octoberfest Dongle!!.
     For this issue the printed version is produced on pastel pink paper.
    The on-line version stays on a white background for best on-screen legibility.
    This issue contains our first prize crossword and, of course much more.
  • Summer Dongle co-incides with Summer!
    The 14th issue of our Newsletter just launched during the hottest weekend this year.
     This issue confirms the news about the Pavilion and has an excellent journal of the recent Branch Trip to some famous London pubs.
    Click the branch logo at the top of this page or the picture to read more.
  • First Dongle of 2013
    Front page news about the Albert Inn Wyke Regis and our request to have it recognised as a “Community Asset”.
     More information on recent visits to our local breweries, also some recognition of those of our pubs which have repeatedly been listed in the Good Beer Guide over the years.
  • Issue 12 of Giant Dongle
    This 20 page issue is our last of 2012 – our next one will be in the Spring.
  • Octoberfest is just around the corner!
    Giant Dongle goes from strength to strength – 28 pages this issue – our largest yet!
  • Wykefest issue of Giant Dongle marks two years of publication! 
    Wykefest is coming! We’re pleased to announce the Wykefest issue of Giant Dongle! Festival details on back page (Page 24)  
  • Giant Dongle Spring issue!
    We’re pleased to announce the Spring issue of our award winning newsletter – Giant Dongle! See page 15 for details.
  • Beerex Dongle issue! 
    Two weeks today until Dorchester Beerex doors open to the public.
    The next issue of Giant Dongle is published today to coincide with our next festival.
    Lots more beery articles inside for your interest!
  • An early Xmas Dongle!
    Thanks to an excellent turn-round by our printers (Weyprint of Weymouth) we’re able to bring the Dongle out a bit early this year.
    So tuck in to these festive 20 pages and enjoy a good read by the fireside in which ever pub you find yourself.
    We in the local branch of CAMRA want to[…]
  • Octoberfest and first Anniversary Issue of the Giant Dongle!
    Weymouth Octoberfest opens in three weeks time.
    The first anniversary issue – Issue Number 6 – of Giant Dongle is published to coincide with our festival.
  • Wykefest Issue of the Giant Dongle! 
    Just in time to celebrate Wykefest on July 22nd/23rd our next issue is just published, again with sixteen pages.
  • Spring Issue of the Giant Dongle!
     The Spring issue is out now and has expanded to a full sixteen pages.
  • Yet another issue [No. 3] of the Giant Dongle!
    A bit like the proverbial “London Buses” you wait for eight years for a Newsletter and the three come along in the space of ten weeks! Our Editor, Kevin, is aiming to link them mainly to our Beer Festivals, so there will now probably be a gap – our next festival after Beerex being Wykefest[…]
  • Giant Dongle Issue 2 out!!
    The Christmas Issue of Giant Dongle hit the streets this week.
    With contributions from other members, the second issue is 50% larger and covers 12 pages.
  • Giant Dongle launched into Cyberspace!
    Our new branch newsletter “The Giant Dongle” was published to coincide with our Octoberfest beer festival.
    It has now been loaded onto the web site to allow anyone who is interested to read it.
    The document is available as a pdf file for download or for reading online.
  • Ale Shop – Issue 23
  • Ale Shop – Summer 2002
  • Ale Shop – Spring 2002
  • Ale Shop – December 2000
    In this issue;
  • Ale Shop – February 2000
    In this issue: Beerex 2000, Ash Vine Brewery Visit, Tucker’s Maltings, Cheriton Brewery Trip.
  • Ale Shop – January 2000
    In this issue: West Dorset Beer Guide, Pub of the Year, SIBA Ocktoberfest, Brewerv Trip to Cheriton.
  • Ale Shop – February 1999
    In this issue: Pub of the Year, Good Beer Guide 2000, Brewery Trips.
  • Ale Shop – February 1994
    In this issue;
  • Ale Shop – Christmas 1992 Edition
    In this issue;