Wykefest is this weekend!

The newly resurrected Wykefest runs over the coming weekend with 19 Dorset Beers and local ciders. Members have been sent an email with details of the festival and I’ve included those with the Beer List for you. I hope you can get there!

Here is a list of the Beers. 

WYKEFEST 2014 [at Wyke Smugglers] – BEER TASTING NOTES

  1. CORFE CASTLE BREWERY – Gloriette 4.5% (Amber) A traditional English Best Bitter with a fine balance of malt and hops
  2. DORCHESTER BREWHOUSE & KITCHEN – Judge Jeffreys 4.5% (Blonde) A simple malt bill producing a blonde beer that showcases different hops each brew… Let the hops shine!
  3. DORSET BREWING COMPANY – Dorset Knob 3.9% (Amber) A Zesty amber session ale with malty character and a hoppy, floral bouquet.
  4. DORSET BREWING COMPANY – Castaway 5.5% (Brown) Oak matured beer with hints of coconut and treacle on the palate
  5. DORSET BREWING COMPANY – Yachtsman 4.7% (Golden) A medium bodied, pale golden with a smooth suggestion of honey
  6. GYLE 59 – GIPA 5.4% (Pale) This is a Ginger IPA. The beer has a subtle infusion of root ginger giving the IPA a refreshing and spicy addition to the citrus and floral taste and aroma provided by the hops.
  7. HALL & WOODHOUSE – Badgers First Call 4.0% ( A clean, fresh distinctive beer with hints of orange and spice from the First Gold Hop.
  8. ISLE OF PURBECK – American APA 5% (Golden) A delightful deep golden beer packed with bucket loads of Cascade hops brewed with speci
  9. PALMERS – Tally Ho 5.5% (Dark) Strong, complex and full of deep distinctive flavours. A rich fruit cake flavour from roasted malt
  10. PIDDLE BREWERY – Piddle 4.1% (Golden) This beer has a Maris otter pale, crystal and caramel malt base, with a cacophony of four different hops
  11. SIXPENNY BREWERY ? 106 JACK FM 4% (Golden) An IPA style refreshing golden ale. Rounded malt matched with a delicate citric and spicy hop edge
  12. SMALL PAUL ? Elder Sarum 4.7% (Golden) Golden coloured beer. Aromas are peach and apricot with floral notes. Light caramel malts with spiced oranges and grapefruit
  13. SMALL PAUL ? CHOCOLATE PORTER 4.9% (Black) Full bodied black porter with lots of chocolate aroma and flavour and a hint of roasted barley.
  14. SOUTHBOURNE BREWERY ? Headlander 4.2% (Amber) A delicious best bitter style ale with delicate floral hop flavours.
  15. SUNNY REPUBLIC ? Beach Blonde 4.4% (Blonde) Highly quaffable at 4.4%, it has a brilliant straw blonde appearance with a tantalising tropical aroma.
  16. TOWNMILL BREWERY – Cobbs 3.9% (Amber/Brown) An amber/brown bitter with a full flavour and traditional tasting fruity hop finish
  17. TOWNMILL BREWERY -Black Ven 5% (Dark Brown) A dark brown porter with a pronounced depth of flavour, enhanced with the blackcurrant fruitiness of the hops.


  1. Dorset Nectar Elderflower Cider 3.8%..Speciality Flavoured Cider
  2. Dorset Nectar Passion Cider 4.0%..Speciality Flavoured Cider
  3. Kingcombe Pitfield Thunderbolt Medium
  4. Purbeck Joe?s Sweet 4.5% Sweet
  5. PurbecK Joe?s Dry 4.5% Dry
  6. Purbeck Dorset Dabinett 5% Meduium
  7. Purbeck Perry 5.5% Medium/Sweet Perry
  8. Twisted Cider Wild Orchard 6.0% Medium
  9. Twisted Cider Desert Dry 6.0% Dry
  10. West Milton Medium 5.0% Medium
  11. West Milton Dry 5.0% Dry


Main sponsor is DBC
All procedes to Julia’s House
19 Beers, all from just 14 Dorset brewers
11 Ciders, again all from Dorset
Open: Noon-1am Fri & Sat; Noon – Midnight Sun
Entry £2 for a festival glass which can be used at any or all sessions (only pay once)
Beer price £3.00/pint on token system – not sure on cider, probably the same
Live Music Friday/saturday nights and Sunday pm. Don’t worry if you don’t care for music, the festival is in the function room well away from the bands. Although you are free to wander throughout the pub as you wish.
Extremely frequent bus service -No1 bus stops at the Smugglers every 7or 8 mins daytime; 20 mins evening
Parking in side streets as pub car park will have a marquee on it

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